about Racan Productions

(formerly studio e entertainment)

Kim Racan

Kim Racan

Owner & Producer

Racan Productions is a boutique company and I work closely with my clients to make sure that I book the best entertainment for your party, wedding or event.  I ensure that every detail is taken care of from the signing of your contract to the last song of your event!. I am proud that  I have a spotless reputation in our industry and will always continue that tradition!   I represent only the best – our clients expect that from us.  Our bands are produced and polished -I believe in QUALITY of bands, not QUANTITY, I will only represent the best in entertainment therefore my band list is not extensive! Our bands know how to run an event so that the night is seamless and bursting with energy from beginning to end. Racan Productions is a referral only company and every client contracts with us because they want their party to be the talk of the town…not just another event!  I also have close relationships with many national acts and their management so we can give our clients great pricing booking their favorite act.

Not only do I have the best clients but I always have a beautiful office that makes me love to work!

Gary Racan

Gary Racan


Gary’s experience in the music industry makes him one of the top musical producers in the business! He sang with a national recording group that had 12 hits on the charts, 8 on the top 8! He departed that group after 16 years of traveling the world performing at major concerts and started his own band, the studio e band. Gary’s philosophy is to produce the songs that our clients want to hear just like the version they love- not the bands interpretation of the song! The harmonies are flawless, the music is superb- our clients get their favorite songs brought to life.

Gary's Vocal Studio

This is where Gary, our master of vocal production – composes harmonies for our music (and he is a real master of harmony!) Vocalists get together here and go over new music and review songs- Gary also teaches vocal lessons there


This is where the music come together- which is why our clients choose us for their entertainment- very polished and produced music! (we actually have clients who come to rehearsals to hang out and hear great music!)

Our clients are not just satisfied customers - they become raving fans!

The fulcrum of Racan Productions is Gary Racan & the studio-e band. A true variety band led by Gary and a line up of musicians who have their own tremendous bio’s and leave a mark in every city they perform in. It is the same cast of characters every time and not pick up musicians- this is evident in their performances! They uniquely produce for every party and Kim works closely with you so that the requested music you love is scripted into a night of music that will leave a memory with you and every guest forever! Each event they perform is their performance of a lifetime and they are not a “cookie cutter band!”. Learn more about Gary Racan and the studio-e band by clicking the button below.
Raving Fans